Social phobia, is this it?

For a month, I don’t feel like seeing people…
I’m coming out only if I have to, and have to prepare for it.
I don’t feel confortable among people, and spend outside as little as for groceries…

Yes, and I don’t mind going outside by night, when there is no one around, but stores doesn’t work then, and crime rate is high…

Ordering food is expensive, so must go…

Anyone relate?


Sounds like anxiety but your best checking with your dr

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I don’t get feedback for such situations from my pdoc…
She doesn’t pay attention to what I’m saying

Oh right i don’t much either

I think this is it…

Yes I totally relate.

I’m like that too.

I’m not comfortable going for a walk because there’s people everywhere and even taking my dog for a wee is not a pleasure.

The only person I socialise with is my boyfriend and that’s only weekends.

I’m uncomfortable around most people including family so avoid them.

Can’t go to the gym because there’s to many people.

I think one reason is I don’t believe in hierarchy society has and I don’t share their beliefs and military views etc .i am a minority.

Thankfully I’m able to do my own grocery shopping.

I’m pretty much always in apartment and on bed or couch and I haven’t been able to get myself to exercise.

I used to volunteer at boomerang bags and was able to have a chat with girls there and be comfortable with them and love them but it’s too far away and I’m not independent in sewing.
Have been but not nowadays.

When I volunteered at salvos a girl talked down at me a bossed me about and that’s not ok so I quit.

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I believe I have family that are nazis n they pretend not to be but I know they are.

In society too all over the place.

Stuck up people prancing around I’m superior n I’m better than you n supressing n being horrible.

Ugly society and world where they spread their sh it.

It even effects environment and nature.

I can’t even connect to this nature here.

In sa was different.

I seriously don’t know if I will be able to do my own grocery shopping if these people don’t leave me alone.

How will I get my medication if I can’t go to the pharmacy?

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@SacredNeigh7, you sound tired…
I understood what you are saying, but if you live on your own, you know that hard things must be done, like keep moving…
Can your boyfrend come at lest two days more during the week?

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No my boyfriend can not stay any longer than he does .

Maybe he can in the future.

I get a phone call from my loved one weekday mornings and that means the world to me.

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