Social phobia in high school

I suffered my butt off. I kept freaking out with anxiety, all day long. Every single class I took I freaked out. My heart would speed up and my heart would pound. On top of that I didn’t eat lunch so I was mentally exhausted and physically exhausted.


I had it too.
I often would hide in the bathrooms during break time.

And at lunch I was lucky to live near my place so I went home for lunch.

I was so scared.


That’s cool… do you still have it now?

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Yes I do.

What about you?

My high school contained us with gates and security guards because we were little satans including me.

Yes, I still have it too. I’ve overcome it a couple of times but it came back. I’m almost positive I can overcome it again!!!

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Yes I’m sure you can :slight_smile:

I am hoping to aswell but some things just take time to overcome
Especially when the fear is so deeply ingrained

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My social phobia actually wasn’t bad in high school. Contrary to a lot of schizophrenics, it seems, I had an enjoyable high school experience. It wasn’t until college that I got hit by the truck that is the prodromal phase. My social phobia is horrible these days

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I felt that way my freshman year. By my senior year I was stoned in half my classes and felt pretty comfortable.


I had exactly the same symptoms in high school as you @Jake - anxiety attacks, didn’t go to socials, never ate at school… it was so hard. Then when I left school i had my breakdown and got sza

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I’m sorry to hear that I am glad you got through it :smiley:

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I was always quite shy but that ramped up,to what we now call social phobia, when I went to Felsted (a boarding school for 13-18 year old boys, and girls doing A levels ) . That was because I was subjected to some rather nasty verbal bullying within days of starting there . The catalyst? The other boys bragging about sex , and my truthfully , but naively, admitting I wasn’t very knowledgeable about it . I think that and my physical and social awkwardness marked me out as the school weirdo .

I suffered all through high school as well. I also didn’t eat lunch and I think it didn’t help my mental health as I was already malnourished. I also have a fear of using public restrooms. I’m bladder shy and so I would hold it in all day until I would get home and get some relief. Sorry if TMI.

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