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I have had Facebook for a while. It is mostly ads now where it used to be pictures of my friends and family.

The other day I joined Instagram and Twitter and I just don’t get it. People and groups are ‘following me’ and I have no idea who they are.

People keep sending me messages on Instagram that are links to porn and sites to find casual sex with others in my area. Of course I haven’t clicked on any of these things but I was wondering if I can stop these random people from sending me messages.

How do you use these things? Facebook is much simpler but my sister posts lots of pictures on Instagram. She is a photographer.

I get random messages from guys once a month on Instagram
‘Hi, how are you?’

I block them.

I have never received messages or links for porn sites though. That’s strange. There is something wrong with your account. :thinking:

Check out some YouTube videos on how to use Instagram.

Maybe your email address is associated with these sort of sites!

Probably bots. :robot:


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I don’t think so. I don’t even watch porn but I have had my email address since 1995 and I do get a lot of spam.

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