Social media and disability


How would a non mentally ill person appear on fb?

Are they more likely to be looking for fraud from physical illness?

Is it easier or harder to fake a mental illness to the point of qualifying for disability?


I think it could be precieved if you work on hobbies or you stay connected and have friends your not that mentally ill at all. But like they say people are likely to post positive stuff. It could still be misleading as to how bad they really feel inside with a mental illness. It’s still making people more paranoid on here. The last thing they need.


I never liked social media.


I could see myself working for a nonprofit or somewhere where they don’t poop on the employees. It’s usually dealing with egotistical angry managers or having pressing deadlines that is hardest for me.

Work should just be a matter of solving problems which everyone needs to know how to do whether they are formally employed or not.