Social media and disability


I think if it shows you smiling or having good relationships they’ll say you can’t possibly be mentally ill or injured or sick. They’ll say that proves it’s not real and they’ll send you to prison. They’re trying to make it so no one is disabled anymore. They want to collect all the money that the government has spent on us and they’ll do whatever it takes to get it. This is not right! I know they’re after me. They’re going to catch me and torture me. I just don’t know when it’ll happen.


@Pianogal don’t worry no one’s after you. No one’s gonna torture you. Have you lowered the dosage of your meds recently? Or switched APs?


No. I used to just take 10mg of Haldol. A month ago I added 2.5mg Haldol for the morning. So actually my dose was increased


Hey,you’re still here.How do you feel today?


Better than yesterday. I’m still nervous but not completely freaking out


That’s weird… you should report that to your psychiatrist (thinking people are after you and want to torture you).
Sorry you’re going through this


I see her Monday


What did you do today?I’m simply asking,I don’t want to interfere with your feelings.


Went downtown where everybody was speaking different languages.I don’t feel my city any more.


I went to group therapy


We don’t have that here.only hospital in daily bases.I would like that.Just today I explained to my friend how our country doesn’t pay attention to people with MI.


That’s awful. My county has pretty good care for mentally ill


I felt weird today.My city lost it’s soul.There is rush everywhere so people don’t have time to talk to each other.Ionly have two friends,but this site and help telephone line help.


I’m sorry for you @zoa


No,I don’t feel bad.Don’t need to feel sorry.


I used to work in church kitchen before my operation.There I saw how people are devastated and poor.I’m grateful for what I have.


I dont see how the government would be able to get a hold of your full name on this sight. Alot of you dont even post selfies.


Emails are linked to names and IP addresses.


I think you dont have to make your email public here


They already do this. There just going to be more inquisitive now.

I wouldn’t worry about it if your on disability for good reason.