Social media and disability



This is a bunch of ■■■■■■■■.


I dont use social media except for pinterest. Unless you wanna count this as social media?


What the ■■■■.


They already do this. They’ve done it long before Trump and they’ll do it long after Trump.

Social media has been used to catch criminals since social media was invented.


Well, If you are lying, then you don’t really have room to complain. I agree with this, and they’ve always have checked people’s social media for example, catching crime.


Social media is pretty toxic and anxiety-inducing, my best advice is to stay away from it, guys. If you are looking to have fun you can watch countless amazing movies, listen to millions of magnificent music or just learn some interesting stuff from the wikipedia.


I agree @Bokeh. Social media can make your life very stressful


It’s ok @Pianogal I get so anxious on social media too and I try to stay away now


oh dear, but I love my facebook account !! It’s the only other site I go to besides here. keeping up with old friends and family ? priceless…my family is scattered across America and I need the facebook deal…sorry to not agree.


I say I’m leaving on my facebook sometimes but I always go back for my friends


Well one of the reasons I dont really use it is because I dont want people from my past to find me.


That’s how I used it. I just deleted my account.


I thought they may have already been doing this. I keep a low profile online. I don’t have a facebook account for this very reason. Posting pictures don’t tell the whole story. In this country anything you say can and will be used against you. Silence is the best defense. I don’t want the government knowing anything about my personal life.


I hear you @jukebox, but in this case, I believe they’re refering to people who post themselves doing things that they said they couldn’t (or that they wouldn’t be able to) do when applying for disability. You would not be involved in this for just keeping up with friends and family, posting, etc.


I don’t have any social media stuff anymore. Quit it about 2 or so years ago now. I guess if you don’t fraud the government, you shouldn’t have too much to worry about. But then you don’t have any privacy, and who knows what behaviours or posts they’ve decide indicate someone is frauding the government.


BTW if you are looking to only chat with your fb friends you can always log directly into , that’s only the chat, no ‘perfect life pics’ from anyone nor fake news.


I consider this site to be social media as well. It is online media and it is social. The government could potentially have access to this site as to any other.


I couldn’t disagree more. Never be silent. Speak it all from the heart

and stand up for what you believe in.


If they look at my social media stuff like YouTube comments they’ll only verify I have a mental illness. Some of the stuff I’ve commented whilst psychotic is extremely embarrassing now.