Social interaction

Does your diagnosis or symptoms have an impact on how you interact socially with people? Not to start any drama . I know my diagnosis impacts my social interaction people


Mine does. Large groups of people freak me out (like an extended family gathering).

I can only hold a conversation for about 20 minutes with someone also.

I just tend to isolate most of the time now.

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Ended up socializing for 5 hours. So much effort. Totally messed up now

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It does affect how I speak and how often I speak, though I’ve gotten better at it. I struggle a lot with the negative symptom lack of speech, which means you don’t talk much. It used to be a lot worse in the beginning because of how severe it was. It was so severe that I just flat out wouldn’t talk and that carried on for a long time, just a little less severe. It felt like I forgot how to speak and interact socially in real life. But, as things would turn out, I can now give speeches in front of my whole class talking about my schizophrenia.

If you find the right medication, you can beat isolation and lack of speech, but don’t forget therapy either, as it can also relearn how to interact again.

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