Social ineptitude and social isolation

Social ineptitude =social isolation=more social ineptitude=more social isolation. It’s an ever increasing problem and the help is non existent.


I can only take social contact for a certain time before it gets mentally exhausting.

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It’s a hard circle to break out of I bet.
@firemonkey- I remember you mentioned that people used to come over and help you cook. Is there any way to get the help again?

Maybe ask your stepdaughter to advocate for you to have a few visits?

I still see someone but it’s for once a week now not twice. The idea is to get me out of my comfort zone, but so far it has just entailed going to different cafes for a drink and sometimes something to eat.
What i really need is a drop in i can pop into as and when needed but the only two are once a week church run affairs. The one in my town is in an area i am not used to. I went there once with the mental health charity and the average age minus us from the charity must have been 75. The other one involves a lengthy bus ride to get there. Neither fit the bill.