Social functioning


Do you think meds help social functioning? Despite meds social interaction difficulties are considerable for me.


Actually, in my opinion l think they have a negative impact on social interactions. :pig::pig::pig:


I don’t know are they supposed to?

If anything the meds make me emotionally flat.


My meds seemed to have gotten rid of the paranoia angle.


Other than giving me insight, no. I’d say 99% of my social functioning gains came from planning and practice (I literally spend hours practicing scenarios in my head and on paper).


Sometimes when I take my guitar and sing for my family get togethers I feel like I can communicate how I feel through the music…I take requests and people always respond excitedly that I can usually play anything from the seventies and eighties and nineties…I stopped learning new songs after that from what I listen to now. anyways…I am usually pretty quiet at my family gatherings otherwise…unless someone asks me to tell a joke.


I think meds help in giving you an edge to know what is real and what is not. They minimize voices, so you can have conversations with real people. They slow down your thoughts, so you can take time to consider what you will say next.

But, they take away your emotion, so you aren’t able to feel a response to what the other person is saying.

They help and hurt, but overall, I think the pros outweigh the cons.


Yeah I have trouble with social situations too. I have social anxiety. Plus I have self esteem issues. I prefer not to go out mostly


I don’t know that the meds actually help with social functioning at all. I think some people are just more naturally social while others are not. Also, the more you socialize and get out there, the better at it you will be. That’s my thought on it.


Meds open the door. It takes work to step through it, work I’m unfortunately unwilling or unable to put in.


Well…it all depends on balance…no meds and im so overwhelmed by emotion that im catatonic in a corner refusing to speak to anyone. Too much meds and im an unemotional zombie and only interested in sleep. Neither are very good examples of adequate social functioning. Somewhere in the middle, small dose of meds, and im as social as i personally can get.


AD improve
AP worsen


I have been working on social functioning for many years and I continue to work on it. Sometimes in some situations I have improved. I guess the problem is some part of my brain. But I work on it.