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What social forums are there for people with no friends???

My man is on forums with woman hitting on him and sending bikini pics etc

I am a outsider and loner and I should have something but I don’t.
I have some family on Facebook while others have thousands of people around the world with their career and traveling etc

I was on passagen but that nolonger has forum.

I do not have friends.

What about hobbies or interests? For example. I build all my computers these days and use one of the computer forums. It depends on the boards but it is a bunch of like minded people. I guess it depends on the hobby or interest as to how social but there must be something your interested in.

Yeah the trolls and scumbags populate a lot of the net these days. Not hard to avoid most!


I recently subscribed to the mindfulness and meditation subreddits.


I also participate in some of the groups on the Insight Timer app.


Reddit is pretty neat, though not very personal… Hobbies are a good way to connect like it’s been said… Facebook, Instagram… Twitter is pretty fun… And this forum is pretty social too!

I only use this forum I hate Facebook, Twitter etc…

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I think Twitter is one of your best chances at being social online… With strangers…
If you hate Twitter it could be that you just hate being social online I guess?

I find that this forum is one of the most light-hearted enjoyable places online too

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