Social cognition improved on ProFrontal (Sarcosine)

I was far less nervous and confused as usual when I went to physical therapy today. My break seriously hurt the way i could process what someone was saying and come up with a rational response. Today it felt natural. Big improvement in just one week.

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I’ve been taking Sarcosine from BrainVitaminz. It’s hard for me to tell if it has had an effect because my moods and activity patterns are so variable. I think I do have a worse morning when I don’t get it, though.


I don’t know if it is sarcosine or nac but I’m less confused about reality.

Was this a typo - I’m having a hard time understanding what you’re saying here…

After going through a psychotic break, I had trouble processing what people were saying to me. Making things rather awkward.

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Still trying to figure out the extent of their effects on me but just want to put it out there that the sarcosine from brainvitaminz and profrontal might have significant differences. brainvitaminz dissolves in water immediately and have immediate effects after I take them. Within a few minutes I will talk more and speak faster (I seem to get overstimulated easily) and be more alert. Profrontal’s powder has not dissolved and has been floating around in my water all day already. I’m not noticing any immediate effects.

Interesting… So BrainVitaminz is better, you think?

I had a lot of trouble today socially. I used to be a natural. This illness totally ruined that. Especially on here where its harder to read emotion.

I’m fairly shy in real life, not the mute kid in the corner of the classroom, but your everyday shy/doesn’t approach people unless approached type. My guess is that most SZs are like that. This doesn’t help your self esteem all that much.

Btw, I dropped my phone in the toilet today. I won’t go into what I did afterwards…

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I hope your phone still works. :v:

Nope. It passed away… :cry:

Do you have an iPhone? I might get one . i hate android

Yes. I love it.

I probably have to vote for Sarkozy(ne) in 2017 :smile:

Is this still the case - not so much response from the Profrontal sarcosine?

Also - I’m not super familiar with all the companies selling - but isn’t profrontal in capsules? So - are you taking the sarcosine out of the capsules and putting it in the water?

Profrontal is capsules lol.

I thought sarcosine helped me but I stopped it for a couple of days just to see a difference and nothing. I;m gonna try on and off again soon.

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