Social anxiety question I was asked

What kinds of things are you upset you miss out On?

I go to my kids school things anxious or not. So really other than that I would gladly stay in my home the rest of my life. The Myers Briggs 16 personality test says I am 100% introvert. It’s totally right. Other than my kids I really have no need for other people. I have some people in my life and i care about them. I just don’t need them. I’m an INTJ on the test btw if anyone else has done the test.


I’m upset I missed out on so much of my highschool because of my mental health. Then I graduated and got worse, so I missed out on getting a job or going to university (both are impossible ATM) I also miss out on meeting new people and traveling since I’m anxious and broke. I used to be a bubbly, flirty, confident girl but now I feel completely broken lol

I’m sorry. That makes me feel sad for you.

Thank you! One day things will get better, it’s just taking longer then I hoped.

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I’m 58 years old, and I missed out on nearly everything due to alcoholism and schizophrenia. I’m not too worried about it, though. When you miss out on one thing, something else is likely to take its place. It might take a good while, but it will happen.

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that’s commendable that you are involved in your kid’s lives. I don’t have any children, but I imagine if i did i’d be there to support them in any way that I could. I’m also an innie and ISTJ. Stuff that is supposed to be fun turn into a flight situation. just two days ago, I had an open invite to go to the final game of the world series (baseball), but I chose instead to watch the game at home. i had gone to a game earlier in the playoffs and had severe anxiety, I couldn’t enjoy the moment. i see everyone around me with expressions of joy and excitement and i’m trapped in my own pensive thought. Missing out on fun makes me most upset-- instead of creating memories, i create shame and regret. can’t place all the blame on sz for this one, although it sure doesn’t help.

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I missed out on getting a degree
I missed out an active social life
I missed out on career
But then again that’s the way the cookie crumbles
There are lots of different problems in the world

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I missed out on having friends and going out anywhere.

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Same for me, another summer passed and I did nothing but work and home

Not having children of my own (at least not yet)
Watching my chosen career move further away from me
Missing friends I used to be close to before this absurd illness

aw :frowning:
I’m not upset about anything, but I’m sad I was unable to continue my beloved studies and pursue my hobbies. I did never care much about a social life.

I missed out on finishing college and having a steady girlfriend

I’m sorry so many of you are missing out on things! I guess really I should feel the same in a way but I really just want to be a recluse