Social anxiety or what?

I don’t feel comfortable around people any more…
My neighbour who I love very much came by to bring me guitar to save it from kids…
He was only 5 min here, and it took me an hour to get into peace. I was nervous.
Nobody else came during covid here, before I had friends coming to lunch, and even then it was odd feeling wanting them out after some time…
Today I sat with friend on bench for three minutes and got nervous wanting to end conversation asap…
I think I became antisocial, I like phone talking, but when it comes to seing someone, try to avoid…
What is this?

Yea since I have sz negative symptoms I prefer talking on the phone with friends rather than hanging out with them.

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It’s a lot more stimuli in person and you’re not used to that anymore. It would be good for you to put shirt in person interactions back in your life to help with that

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No, Im fine by my self. Only seing people bothers me cause it brings stress. I dont stress usually.

Right. But you don’t want that to get worse. It’s much healthier to have people in your life in person.

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What I ment, does my behaviour has diagnose?

Probably. Your pdoc can let you know the best diagnosis

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I went outside today to get some fresh air and this suspicious looking guy was walking towards me on the sidewalk.
I had to quickly go inside.

I’m pretty antisocial too @anon42606141

I blame the meds and depression (negative symptoms)


Only Im perfectly fine alone…


Yes, one more thing.
I don’t have money to order food, so have to go to store, and post office to pay bills.
Otherwise I would leave apt cause I see everything wrong cause nobody is wearing mask.
I only say hello to folks with masks.
We have very high rate of covid cases and deaths, so I see problem with being verbally aggresive with ones who dont wear it in store.

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