Sobriety reset date

Maybe you should value more the date that you decided and commited to sobriety, not the drug.

Well it’d be equivalent to framing my abilify prescription as remembering when I last was hospitalized…same idea. The day I took naltrexone is the day I stopped struggling…it’s not even about sobriety…it’s about my life being good. And sobriety didn’t ever bring me happiness…this miracle drug has though.

Alright, I get it. Glad it works so well on you!

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I vaguely remember someone telling this same story back when I was going to meetings, I don’t know if it was a speaker at a meeting or someone I knew. I think they ended up going back to the start as far as sobriety date too, but they always explained that they had had however many years and then the sip of wine and whatever sobriety time they managed after the sip.

I’m split on it myself, I know how disheartening a slip can be after you’ve got some sobriety time, but then if a drink is a drink then a sip must be a sip?

In my perspective it has to do with the intention of the sip, in that moment I wanted to drink again. Feel normalcy, as normal for me was to be able to drink. Then the guilty conscience doesn’t allow me to be able to feel like I’ve been taking sobriety seriously enough.

Would u say Portugal has more pressure to drink than USA? Judging by the number of aa meetings you guys have I’d say yes. In the USA it’s honorable to not drink.

I heard in Ireland you’re looked Down upon for going to aa

i deserve to drink i can handle it, i am drinking since i was 12 thats how i can handle it, i can control the amount i drink, low vols like beer but NEVER spirits or wines just enough alcohol for the buzz, beer can also add to sedation working along with tranquilzers for my well-being :gem:

Yeah, people here drink a lot. You have no idea the kind of looks I get when I say I don’t drink. It’s a worse reaction then when I say I have sz.

That’s craziness!!! IMO

I’m so proud of you, Minnii. You never shy away from the facts of the matter. I worry at times thst you’re too hard on yourself, but you know what you need to do to recover.


Don’t worry minnii you’ll outlive everyone!

I just know I was an alcoholic before I ever took a sip.

I need to be sober and people respect that

One is too many 1000 isn’t enough

Yeah because people here don’t associate sz with violence that much, maybe the more americanized do, but in general sz is associated with hearing voices or just plain going crazy on everybodies asses. Alcohol is so socially accepted and revered that those who don’t drink are percieved as odd and outcasted. It’s weird.

And mixing tranquilizers with alcohol…is the biggest issue for me probably

Thank you Rhuby :heart: I feel I have to take responsibility that’s all, no one will take it for me.

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sure a drug @turningthepage and beer add to my buzz

Yeah, for me it’s binge drinking. I used to puke in order to continue to drink. Really, I reached rock bottom too many times. Sad.

@pedro27 should go to AA too.

Also it always leads me to the hallucinogens

Like I did shrooms 2 days before I got sober

And then was psychotic for days

There’s so many issues with me drinking, let’s just say my life improves in most ways without it

2016 and psychairy percribe drug for our behaviour so i add beer with their drug

Unfortunately for Pedro it’s even more socially acceptable in his country than even yours to drink