Sobriety reset date

So I’ve been feeling really guilty about taking a sip of wine last thursday. It wasn’t enough to get me drunk, but I was cheerful and happy, I could feel normalcy and the guilty conscience came later. And I should take resposibility for that.

So I decided to reset my sobriety date, I don’t want to say “I’ve been sober since Oct 2014 but with a slip in Dec 2015” I want to say I’ve been sober without any slips or relapses.

I want to take my sobriety more seriously, and be able not to fall into the traps of my own mind.

So for now I’ve been without drugs since October 2014 and without booze for 4 days.

And I’m going to AA for sure. Next meeting is in two weeks.


Good luck with staying sober and the AA meeting!


I’m getting old enough that the alcohol is hurting me a little more than I care to be hurt. Alcohol is a depressant. It doesn’t help you if you’re mentally ill.

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You’re still in time to go sober @crimby. Gives a sense of meaning to life.

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I think your doing a great job @Minnii. I can relate. I’m 3weeks sober now.


Good luck! It’s not easy but we can do it.


I’ve been in AA since 2003 (12 years) and drank (and got drunk) about 2 years ago. So I had to reset my date. Now I’m just 2 years sober.

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You’ve still gained clarity and reasoning from all that clean time…even if you had a little slip up.

Your 14 months with a couple sips of wine 5 days ago beats my 11 days for sure

Gotta give credit for that.

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Oh I’m sorry you relapsed. Hope it’s been relatively easy for you.


just one sip.

but thanks though :smile:

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Weird they don’t have more aa meetings

I guess 90 meetings in 90 days isn’t possible in your city?

A sip of wine or is that a euphemism for a bottle of wine?

A sip of alcohol is okay, like if people are celebrating something and they serve a tiny amount of some expensive bottle of whatever. But that’s just for me. Alcoholics simply cannot have one sip. They end up getting very drunk if they start drinking at all.

I can’t go tomorrow, my sister is coming over. There’s a meeting tomorrow

I don’t know, I kinda stopped myself. I wanted to get drunk.

And yeah, just a sip. No euphemism.

One sip is nothing. You can proudly state for fact that you have been sober since oct 2014.

I mean I don’t think you’re an alcoholic, they can’t have one sip. One sip for them means next thing they wake up on a couch hungover.

That’s like saying you inhaled some fumes from isopropyl alcohol on accident while cleaning a wound and you lost your sobriety.

Maybe so, but I value my sobriety, and if I am to be sober, I can’t drink. And it was intentional, not like I did it by mistake, I feel guilty about it.

I don’t think it’s like that, my dad was an alcoholic and sometimes all it took was a glass of wiskey.

Well, SLIP= “Sobriety Loses Its Priority”, so maybe that’s what happened. But I think you might be doing the right thing resetting your sobriety date. It’s a pretty humbling thing to do.


Thank you @everhopeful , you get it.

I really don’t want any alcohol in my system.

Yeah screw alcohol!

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I said to my mom when I get a year of sobriety I’m gonna frame my naltrexone prescription on the wall…the date of the presc. is 1 day later than my sobriety date dec 10th unfortunately…or else it would’ve been perfect