Sobriety has proven good results

I’ve made peace with mostly everyone I’ve felt at odds with… I sense a spirit of love. Thank God for the chance at redemption from foolish childhood.


Yeah I’ve gotten into that state before… There is still so much that upsets and disappoints me about the world though. I shouldn’t dwell on that crap but it gets tough sometimes.

Sobriety is the optimal state for human neurochemistry… strange things can happen in altered states, but for overall mental health… you roll with whats regular and on a good diet. There is no guilt in it involved. If drugs got you into the SZ mess… enough time sober and you actually start to lose the guilt complex of drug-induced psychosis… a fundamental pillar of negative thinking and allowing focus on the illness.

This ■■■■ ain’t deserved and it happens for no good reason… no good reason at all. Unfortunately you have to be good before you start to see that.

I’ve learned to enjoy sobriety…something I couldn’t say 5 years ago that’s for sure! I used to be high all the time.

Now I’m not 100% sober,I have a couple beers here and there…like 2 beers is my limit…I’m an alcoholic but the meds allow me to drink 2 beers and stop. I wouldn’t advocate it over full sobriety but I get an itch after a week of not drinking and need a beer or two. ■■■■ sobriety is sooo hard I have ultra respect to anyone who can do it. And I have all the supports to be sober.

In some ways I’m the “biggest addict I’ve ever known” and in other ways I’m not. Like I hated opioids the one or two times I did it, disliked cocaine, disliked adderall,but if I do like the drug…I have ZERO self control if it’s in my possession.

My friend who’s a heroin addict can hold onto psychedelics for weeks…if you put it in front of me I’ll do it every night til it’s gone…unless I flush it down the toilet or give it away…that said haven’t bought psychedelics in a while.

No more nights of downing glass after glass after glass of red wine…I won’t miss those days…

Wine is dangerous I tell ya! Goes down so easily yet more potent than beer…I would say “one more small glass” about 39 times in one night

That’s how I rolled.

Sober is an uncontrollable mess for me…my d.i.d goes hard…my sz acts up to the point of me hiding with large weapons…just waiting for them to try and kill me…then we add ap now i feel like i do sober but have the added bonus of wanting to kill myself…so completely sober is a death wish for me and so far the ap are a death wish x 10…that being said i go to great lengths to do a day with something followed by 2 days with nothing…that seems to be the key…riding the line between addiction and functionality…

well done Huckfinn :slight_smile: keep it up :thumbsup:

I’ve been sober 4yrs now. :slight_smile: I couldn’t be happier with where I’ve been to where I’m going now in my life. I give cheers to be on the blessed side of life my brotha! I spend time at the food shelf giving back to the community I live in, to those in need. I’m close to god than I have ever been before in my life. He’s taught me a world of learning how to Forgive! Not only others but myself as well, and yes even forgiving my schizophrenia when it acts up! To this day I still believe I’m a psychic so I have to have forgiveness for that as well. I wish you the best!

have a good one!

I’m giving some thought to moving out of the group home I’m in and living in public housing. I’m certain my success or failure will depend on whether or not I am drinking. I have six months sobriety so far. I hope I can build on that.