So you are on the other side of the world

What do you think and feel?

I think I’m gonna watch Platoon. Watched Full Metal jacket yesterday, Apocalypse Now today… Makes me feel like Im in Nam. Maybe I am It appeals to something inside. Rough movies. .

I freaking love Platoon thats my favorite movie…enjoy bro.


Depends where you are to if I’m on the other side of world. I’m in Oz. Following the yellow brick road still trying to find the wizard for a heart a brain, courage and a way home.

Meaning it’s late and should go to bed.

Feel shity tbh think it’s going to be a all-nighter. . Somehow though my minds relatively quiet for a change. So that’s something.

Might catch up on Game of thrones as well as watch repeats of Doctor Who, That 70’s show and Merlin. If I’m going to be up all night might as well tackle the house work also. A house husbands work is never done and all that. Defiantly do some procaffinating before I start. Which is most likely why I’m not going to sleep to night. Sigh.

Oz or kansas?

Which would you choose?

Thx man, it’s real good. But my mind is gtting ■■■■■■, I need to watch something with kitties or sumthing in it, just to keep a level of hope for mankind after all these movies lol.

I find it much heavier on the mind than Full Metal Jacket, but same* as Apocalypse Now. All great movies.

bunny :rabbit: hug.
take care :alien:

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That is a vague and dangerous question to answer.

There are more than two sides of everything.

Now excuse me, it’s a lunch time and i need to go hunting.

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You are going hunting …

I don’t think so.

Sooo you are not going hunting?

Its all relative man I was just curious how you guy’s doin over there.

I know i was just kidding.
We had the Pope himself over here :blush:

You really wanna know how’s around here?
Imagine people have no jobs, living with their parents, spending 8 hours daily in the bars… and yet you can see them driving fancy cars, with smartphones and nice clothes and all ■■■■.
That’s Balkan man.

Makes you wonder how they make their finances work. It’s not quite so rosy over here, quite a few people who used to be employed and affluent trying to make ends meet.

There’s no big secret in that.
Either they have a

  1. bank credits
    2.relatives from diaspora
    3.someone working in Iraq. Americans pay well for exposing your ass out there.

I think and feel thank god or man whichever you prefer for anti psychotic meds… and … that they don’t take sz patients into asylum and puncture holes under our eyes or massively shock the heck out of us lol… that’s how I feel everyday it’s a mixture of. … this diagnosis sucks but thank the stars we’ve progressed medically

Where I use to live it was pretty bad.

People spent years running up their credit buying cars and houses and stuff then they spent their time using those possessions up until the minute that the possessions were repossessed