So yesterday

I got angry if anyone on TV would cry. I would just want them to shut the hell up.
Now today I’m all crying along with them.
If I wasn’t post menopausal I’d swear it would be hormones.
Wonder what tomorrow brings?


I think it’s good to cry…get it out…get it all out. I had a good cry this evening too. feel better.


I just stopped crying a second ago…feel much better now!


I get angry at the tele all the time. Especially bad sports commentary! Annoys the hell out of me ex players making dumb statements about something you are watching too. Haha. I’m a cranky driver too!

I only tear up for really emotionally charged things. I’m a bit flat these days but that isn’t a bad thing!


I have road rage. I swear like a sailor at other cars.


I end up laughing my head off sometimes - if i see someone crying on the Tv. Talk about in-appropriate. Tho it was some drunken young lady crying over her broken heal on her shoes on a 999 documentary.

My emotions never seem to match appropriatley to the social situation im in. Im sure i come across as some callous Bstard sometimes.


I have a hard time picturing that, but it was somehow funny. So sorry about that.

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