So, who wants to make money?

You guys know Facebook right? Facebook’s stock price is usually between $180 and $222 a share… But in the near future, it’s stock price will be between the range of $859 a share. Now you might think am just speculating, but believe me, I am not, mostly because it’s a coronavirus crissi and every social person needs facebook

Warren Buffet… one of the richest men in the world once said, and I quote, ‘I look at stocks as a savings account’… so am tell you all now, save all your money in Facebook stock and soon, even if four years(this level of gain usually doesn’t happen) you’ll have have a very significant gain to your savings … say you have $150,000 in savings, save it in Facebook stocks and you’ll have 663,000 later… Now say you have $150,000,000 like future me who won the lottery, save it in Facebook stock and you’ll have $663,000,000 - just for scale… In short, instant cash! And Al you gotta do is trust even if you did invest in Facebook, you won’t lose your money coz guess what? Every single phone in the world wants Facebook, coz who would want a phone without WhatsApp or the beautiful ladies on Instagram and do some, Facebook itself? Guess what? Noone would want a phone without those key apps… So even if I was wrong, you wouldn’t lose your money, but if am right, you’ll be getting more than double your money… so invest in Facebook people

I lost 80 000$ in bitcoins. I am staying away.

Kids these days hate Facebook. They use Discord.


Remember, once you could buy a large pizza for just 1 bitcoin… Now, would you spend $7,000 -1 Bitcoin prize - on a pizza? No you wouldn’t, and you only lost your money coz you didn’t sell the Facebook stock when it got to $859 a share

Trust me ninjastar… It’s free money… People made billions betting against the market when Corona virus showed up, now people are gonna make millions betting on facebook

I would rather buy market shares of computer components, AMD and nVidia. They are shooting due to new products coming now. Facebook won’t increase if corona ends.

just a stuped ? can you buy stock in and how much a chare ……

My brother is investing in the government. Its guaranteed 100% bcz the gov will never go bankruptcy.

I understand, even am reluctant on betting all my loterry winnings and instead think fixed income bonds are a better bet, but hell, I put $150,000,000 on FB that gets to $859 and gets me over half a billion gain… what importance would be the $30,000,000 I spent on 7/9 % bonds? It would be pocket change… PS, I don’t have $150,000,000 yet, but if I did, I would put it on FB stock

@DrZen ok, I realize what am asking is ‘stuped’, but remember me when you see Facebook stock at $859… 4 years max

Ok ok, @Aziz @ninjastar am only telling you all to invest in Facebook because I got a dream telling me Facebook stock is at $859 … but am not telling you this because am delusional, but only because just last week I got a dreaming showing me I got a 29 on my assignment… And guess what, I got the assignment results today and I got a 29… In short, my dreams were right and they showed me that 29 before they showed me the Facebook, so like the 29, the Facebook will be right. Now I realize I sound foolish telling you to listen to a dream, but even Joseph tells us there is some truth to dreams

sorry that I don’t have the opt to do that, I m on a lemit on things because of food stamps and things I useto get stock all the time tell me dad bought bad ones and ■■■■ me out of 10000,00 bucks I guess face book is ok. it well retorn it self. but zoom and smart tech or in a race and iam watching it.

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Advocating stocks here isn’t too wise. Abilify makes you prone to wasting money on gambling, like @Aziz did for example.

Best way for an SZ to make money is selling time for wages. It’s the path of least resistance. Labor is particularly easy.

I feel Facebook is oversaturated, also. I don’t see it getting a lot bigger from here. It’s not the zeitgeist anymore. It’s too big and corrupt and controlling now, people are turned off by that.


I went against every thought I had when I revealed it was because of a dream that I was advocating the 859 price… But God dammn, I wish I had told my friends I would get a 29, so they would think am some sort of prophet lol
Who knows… maybe it’s cause you listened toe and invested in Facebook.

But @naturallycured , am not just talking out of stupidity, I once got a dream that would have earned me €180,000,000 in lottery winnings, but from that dream,I was only shown three numbers, of which I got correct; I only got 5,000 from it, but it was only coz of the dream…
Anyways, I’ve reached my maximum chat limit - new account limit even though I’ve had this account for 3 years (admin hate me for inviting moonbeam to my penthouse hottub so the leave me on new account options) so until 24hrs pass, I can’t reply
@Aziz after I won that 5,000 and not the jackpot, I got another dream showing me numbers to play and guess what, they were correct too… but the dreams stopped because my stupid brother decided to fist fight me ( of which I was shown too - dream showed a lion attacking me the night before and someone stealing a phone that had my lottery winnings while I was being attacked)

Imperius your words are truly convincing and every rational thought left in my mind wants to listed to it… But my irrational side remembers Westworld season 3 and how Ciroc and every word he said was from the super computer that could see everyone’s path and how he was totally blank without it… now, my super computer is a few selected dreams… just for the record, I only listen to my dreams when money is involved
.aside from the time it said I got a 29 and then I got the 29… But that’s like a forced listening… but otherwise, all I can say is, let’s wait and see, just maybe it’ll be the 859 price and if my dream supercomputer is right, you’ll be missing out on a lot of money

I had a dream that I was worth like 8 figures and people were chasing me or something. It’s just a dream. A mental exercise.

Doesn’t mean anything.

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@ThePoorRichMan Its called coincidences.
SZ makes you delusional and believe in coincidences. Tell your psychiatrist about it and don’t waste your money.

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I really doubt Facebook will go to $859 in 4 years time, unless they revolutionize the entire industry through artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality. I study and work in finance. To have a share price of $859 from $210 would imply a 309% return over the course of 4 years which nets to 77.25% each year. Put in this way, if Facebook 's share price rises to $859, at 2868 million shares outstanding. That equates to a market capitalization of 2463 billion which is 2.463 trillion. That will be two of the biggest companies in the world combined. Facebook’s WhatsApp, Facebook are already used by I believe around 2 billion people each in the world. That means a significant amount of the world are already using Facebook’s products. Where would the growth come from? Cash Flowing into a company drives its share price. The only source of growth in revenue, as I mentioned, would be artificial intelligence, which they are not the best at. They are however, good in augmented and virtual reality through the Oculus Rift. However, to assume Facebook would win the entire world market on virtual reality is unrealistic at best. There is Apple, Valve and many other virtual reality companies out there.

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This is the sheer logic, @ThePoorRichMan. It’s not going to happen.

Mods can we close this thread? Giving people financial advise when you are not a registered financial adviser can get you into trouble. You might get sued.