So Which Do You Choose- Exhaustion or Obesity?

If I don’t take the medicine I don’t sleep at all and I quickly become afraid that I will die of exhaustion. If I do take the medicine I am able to sleep but I it’s almost impossible to keep the weight down and I face dying from obesity related disorders in a overall losing effort to keep the weight down. It’s more complicated than that simple analysis of course but the obesity and having as much sleep as I need has made me a bad candidate for the workplace just as never sleeping and constantly being distracted did when I first became diagnosed. When I have taken fewer drugs and worked I had both obesity and exhaustion along with more distractions and was a miserable person most of the time. Almost none of the drugs completely rid me of the voices either and when one finally did I could barely sleep again and became very manic, and angry. Now that I am heavily medicated get sleep I am generally a nicer guy. I guess I’ll never find a happy medium for myself. At times I pictured myself having answers if any of my nieces had this terrible disease. Now I have no good answers and just hope they don’t get it themselves. Medical science doesn’t appear to have answers for me right now.

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I’m sorry you’re struggling with this. Sometimes the meds put us in impossible situations.

Eat some carbs and you won’t be exhausted

For me carbs leads to binges and rapid weight gain which in the long run affects sleep quality.