So when was the last time you were in love?

1.5 years ago I fell in love for the second time with my former boyfriend from my twenties and he fell in love with me. Things were great, we had fun, he told me he wanted to be with me forever and I wanted to be with him. He liked my son and my son liked him and things went well with the three of us.

Than I crashed into psychosis, had a couple of relapses and blunting from meds… and the psychosis ruined the relationship. I broke up with him because of my delusions.

When I was back to myself again, he was dating a girl through tinder.

I really like the memories of the short time we had together though, it was a good time. :slight_smile:

Nice that you can fall in love again! Too bad she’s taken!

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I’m in love with a guy named Joey I met in the park today showing us how to fly the stryfoam airplane gave him lots of beer and smokes

youre quick to fall in love

i guess ive been in love before but the love wasnt mutual so i cant consider it love because it doesnt feel like love unlesss they love you back

He’s had a hard life that always matters I’m asucker Jon

right now, even though our families try to break us up. I love my partner I’ve been in love with her since high school. we didn’t get together until I was in college and then I got sick. she was with me when I was hospitalized and she visited everyday.


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