So when was the last time you were in love?

Since giving up benzos, my emotions have come back in that department. I now think I have a crush on someone in real life. Naturally they’re taken, boo hoo :persevere:, so nothing will come of it.


If you mean like really obsessed with someone, I would say thirteen years old. I was subject to the worst crushes when I was young. It was shortly after I quit doing that when I succumbed to sz.


Sucks that they are taken.
I have a crush on this guy at the grocery store that I go to, he’s one of the cashiers…but I know I could never have him :disappointed_relieved:

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I get crushes on almost every girl I talk to. I am hopeless. Luckily, Fiancé isn’t the jealous type.


Same for me but with boys.

I love crushes and falling in love.

Also, this makes today’s poem make even more sense. Although it was pretty clear to begin with.


There’s this one girl at work who is so nerdy and awkward, but in a way that just makes her even cuter. I turn into an absolute idiot around her.


Lines from a marina and the diamonds song:

You don’t love me,
Not a big deal,
I’ll never tell you
How I feel.

Pretty much how I feel about it. :blush:

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Not since I was 19, 9 years ago, before I got ill. Smh until they kill me.

Maybe a hundred years from now, someone will read all of our posts from this site and fall in love with one of us! :wink:


My wife and I have been together for 8 years, and I love her now more than ever, but since I got sick she says that I don’t show her love like I used to. Partly it is flat affect, partly it is loss of libido from Risperdal, and I think some of it is just this disease, I think it has taken a lot of my ability to express emotions.

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Risperidal killed my libido…switched to Abilify and it came back.

What defines love? Who really knows? just kidding, the last time I desperately needed somebody was today, but it’s not love, it’s just partner-dependency. I’m not allowed to discuss it with him, since he knows I like like him but he doesn’t feel the same, so we’re monogamous but not a couple. I’m only allowed to express my love as desire. I’m a little conflicted by it, but I am dependent on his amour, what can I do? It does put the brakes on developing new relationships. He’s a normal and very emotionally “unavailable,” as he puts it.

Real love, gee I’d say I fell in love with a few professors in my undergrad and grad years, but nothing but stimulating intellectual conversations came from it…I still love my old poli sci prof so much, his golden curly hair, his sparkling blue eyes, his political beliefs just like mine. sighs romantically and looks into the sunset


I was on abilify first, but it did nothing for my positive symptoms. I was up to 30mg, which I think my doc said was maxed out, so I had to try something different.

It’s been years and it’s also the only time I have been in love. All my other relationships don’t count because this one was so special. I’ve even had 2 more since then and ended it quickly because nothing compared to that “only” time.

Um, like right now. Mrs. Pixel is DA BOMB. :heart:


A few years ago I fell in love but I was too out of my mind and he was an assh*le. I’ve had crushes since but nothing ever happened.

Sorry she’s already taken @everhopeful, hopefully you’ll find someone who isn’t


A bit over half a year ago… feelings have turned slightly subtler in this department for me tough, then again, it turned out this wasn’t the right person anyway. Perhaps that explains it, perhaps it is me maturing, perhaps a medicational influence…

Something that I do relate to medication a bit more confidently is that stage prior to falling in love. I seem not to meet any women that are interesting in that way, you know, that on first sight you feel some attraction and interest, which encourages you to pursue this person… That kinda cuts off falling in love before it has gotten a chance. I recall during my last psychosis, though that was exaggerated, I saw potential love interests all the time. As usual with schizophrenia, I take it this is not some change in my surroundings but in my perception. Something to work on :slight_smile:

Right now :heart_eyes:


Being satan, I am the illusion of love

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Never been in love

I’ve had crushes though