So what you doing........?

oh its you…so how’s it going…


I am wasting time until 7:45 when I have to get my youngest daughter in gear for school. Why, exactly, can’t an 11 year old remember to brush her teeth and put on deodorant? I knew to do that stuff when I was her age. Even my 18 year old has to be reminded to brush her teeth! She tries to sneak off to bed every night without doing it. What the heck?!

So I am just sitting here, browsing the forum and checking out homes online. I keep a file of pictures with different features that I like from different houses. When we get our own place, I’ll have ideas on what to add/ customize to make our home our own.

just hope mom well call after she gets up, have a trip out of town to take some pictures for my uncle to put on line too day, and some I have to shop for some summer dud’s. need some new treads.

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I love clothes shopping, I just hate looking at myself in the mirror once I try things on. :persevere:

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just having coffee…thanks for the small glimpse of my sun painting I gave you in the background…you indeed have some of my best paintings !!

Cringing at the thought of using a bus or train again. So many people and I never really know exactly where I am going or if I am boarding the right one.


I agree! I am so scared I will get lost on public transportation. I also worry about all of the people that have been in the seats and touching everything before me. Were they sick? Did they have a rash or something that I could catch? Has someone vomited here before? Will someone vomit while I’m here today? I can’t handle the anxiety of it. It’s why I won’t go to NYC. I’d have to take public transportation and be close to a lot of people. People are unpredictable.

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I’m sitting on a bus, taking the long routw home because the walking distance will be shorter this way.
Starting to regret it, I’m carsick and it’s hot, but it’s even hotter outside.

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@Pikasaur Uh oh! You are the reason that I don’t take the bus- don’t get carsick!!!

I carry anti nausea meds with me everywhere to pass out to my kids if it’s going to be a long ride. And none of them get carsick. I’m just terrified of people vomiting.

I do nothing , it’s hard to do hobbies

Oh no, I never vomit, I just feel nauseous and uncomfortable.

Some creepy guy was staring at me on the bus, and got off at the same stop as me. Paranoia was riding high, but he walked in another direction than me in the end.

Oh, I know that feeling of paranoia all too well. I had a black truck driving behind me a couple of days ago, and they took every turn I took for about ten miles. I was scared to death! As we neared my neighborhood, I was trying to decide whether or not I should avoid turning in so he wouldn’t see where I live, he turned in another direction. Scary!!!

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