So what r ur plans for tomorrow?


i have to take max to school, take the dogs to the woods, change the cat litter trays, do some wasing, whites and darks, do some drying, pick my son up from school, cook dinner, run his bath, run my own bath, sweep and mop downstairs, sweep the stairs and clean the kitchen…oh and pick up a prescription and get it filled. dunno what the hell to cook for dinner though. what about u? what’s on ur agenda?



Logic exam…deductive and inductive argument rules

personal training in the evening



i’m also going to phone the college for a prospectus and my shrink for a referral to a group centre for people with psychiatric disorders. it’s a day centre and i’d like to go and learn how to sew on a machine so i can buy my own and make some clothes. i’m also going to buy some wool tomorrow so i can knit some patches for a patchwork jacket and try and learn how to use my knitting machine! hopefully there’ll be a tutorial on youtube.



I don’t know what i am doing tomorrow, except chores and taking care of my animals. I’m hoping if it’s not too cold i can take the dogs for a walk



Pick up my ironing board at the hardware store and buy a little folding table at the thrift store if it’s still there.

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Two errands, and however many phone calls it takes to straighten out something with the DMV. I will do my best to start a paper for my class. And maybe change the litter in my cats litter box. And all the minutiae of everyday living. Vacuum, do dishes, get the mail, empty trash.

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I never used to have the ability to do that so now that I’m able to start learning that, I’m really proud of myself when I manage it.

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Yes, give yourself a pat on the back when you accomplish that Surprised. Good luck.



Tomorrow I’m going to study and take a psychology quiz online (it’s due on Friday, but I want to get ahead of things).

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Prep for medical procedure and work on my art. Also, read a little Walt Whitman.



I haven’t thought of leaves of grass in a long time. What a great person to read.

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the doctor signs my forms tomorrow ,so i become officially ’ out there ’ and on the goverment system, i have avoided being ’ known ’ and have always supported my self.
i did everything privately .
so tomorrow i am officially ’ nuts ’ . i raise my wine glass to you all, here’s to living on a different planet ! cheers !
take care



I hope your new planet is lovely. :earth_asia:

Are you still going to be able to keep up the work you do? I know your self employed. I have no doubt in your abilities, but government red tape can be very frustrating. Here in the U.s. if you make to much your at risk with your benefits.

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i can still work but if i earn to much i have to declare it,but it seems very fair, and at least i can slow down a bit.
i am starting to catch up on my sleep, funnily enough i have been seeing more ’ stuff ’ since.
i am designing my new planet , it will be filled with arty types, thinkers, philosphers, peace and harmony.
it will have streets filled with trendy coffee shops, retro stores and french delicatessens…and lots of art galleries with lots of seating with colourful chairs so you can sit with your coffee and croissant and just look .
take care

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I’m glad you get to slow down a bit and rest and sleep. It’s interesting that your head circus is giving you more of a show now that your sleeping.

If your amazing planet ever needs a gardner… :sunflower:

Could you add some book shops to your amazing planet so my sis and I can visit? :books:

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of course there will be bookshops with different levels and big sofas you can sprawl out on and read, and there will always be gardens multi layered ,mystical secret gardens, terraced gardens , rose gardens , healing gardens and the rich gardens of versaille, it will be beautiful.
the ’ head circus ’ is more maybe because i am actually more aware , i am not zoned out all the time, half asleep during the day. i am seeing figures more , animals in the corridors it is more solid where before they were more blurry.
you and your sis and everyone on the site and all those that suffer will always have a home on the new planet.
take care

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tomorrow, most important day of the year in my psychotic world.
Lunar new year.
I am beginning a 100 year calendar / project at midnight on Friday.
One hundred years from that moment, I will ascend in to heaven,
in “broad daylight”, and proceed to live as long as heaven and earth.
Spring Festival begins at midnight on Friday. I’ll be out there all night,
in the backyard, lighting candles on a mysterious altar and working with
the universe.



I’m going to start hoeing the weeds out of my small patch of ground.



is there an NFL? up there?



Ahh yes, the year of the horse.

Well, I wish you well on Lunar New Year. May it joyous and unbound