So what r u up to today folks?

i have to take pebbles to the vets today to b wormed and pick up some dog worming tablets. then i’m going to have shower and lil snooze. then do some more housework and cook a cottage pie. whats on ur agenda?

To go to bed in 30 minutes!!! It’s 11:30 pm here in California. I have my sisters dog staying with me until Tuesday. My two sisters are taking a vacation in Seattle, (hey surprised and kidsis!) they are flying there tomorrow morning. I love my sisters dog, it’s just nice every time I watch her for my sister. And Annie and my cat get along great.

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Its almost 9:30am here in Cape Town, South Africa. Gonna take a nap after breakfast and then have a shower, then as its Friday, my husband and I will be going to mosque at 1pm then follows a very boring and tedious weekly lunch with his mother. Sigh! I really not looking forward to that! Then afterwards we come home and relax for yet another week :smile:

Wow! “Capetown, S.Africa”. It sounds like a cool place to be from. Is it as cool there as it sounds?

Its an awesome city! I was born and bred here and know nowhere else to be as nice. The weather has been good since it was summer and even now with autumn its better. I’m so happy winter is coming at last, because I love rainy season. I stay in a suburb by the sea and there are lots of holiday activities here like mini golf, swimming pools, a promenade, and surfers galore. Popular with the summer crowds! The beach is 5 minutes walk away and we have beautiful mountains as well. I am very grateful to live here so close to the sea :sunny:

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well the gas man just woke me up at 8am to read my meters :frowning: so i’ll be getting a bill through soon :thumbsdown:

i want to get another record a group called parquet courts but just because its been annoying me lol

i actually feel pretty ■■■■ so idk if i’ll be able to do anything

It sounds great. It sounds like beach towns we have here in-California except your city is bigger.

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Today is my day off. It’s 6:00 am here on a Friday because of a bit of a shake up in schedule, I don’t go in today, but I do go in tomorrow and I’m off Sunday. One of our pool guys hurt himself and since I KNOW pool stuff… I’m being taken off parks and put on pools this week.

Ah… that old familiar smell of Chlorine and hum of the filters… I miss the pump rooms some time. Clean, quiet and toasty. Pump rooms are are usually pretty warm.

well today so far i’ve drunk too much coffee and smoked too many cigarettes. ive put on a whites wash and am going to strim the lawn if it stays dry. then defrost some mince to make dinner later and do a bit of cleaning. have ordered a new collar for cocoa as both of hers seem to have disappeared in a puff of smoke lol so no walkies till the new one arrives, other than that i’ll have a quiet day except for a bit of writing.

I’ve had far too much coffee and I misread that over three times in a row.

I could have sworn you were defrosting mice for dinner. :mouse:

I’m glad you get to have a bit of a quiet day.

Just as your settling into your afternoon, it’s 5:00 a.m. where I’m sitting and I have a good part of the day off, but I have to go into work a little after noon today.


Well it’s 1:20pm I’m currently doing some abstract ink pieces for my art portfolio, ready for the interview, it’s quite fun and making me focus, it’s also getting my emotions out, I’m feeling all sorts of things so I’m enjoying seeing what comes out, gives me perspective! I hope you all have a good day or nights rest wherever you are, take care, Meg x

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