So what is going RIGHT in your life?

Anything? We hear about what’s going wrong in people’s lives, what about something that’s going right, no matter how small. There must be something. It can’t be all bad could it?
Personally, I am settled in my new place, I’m registered for school, and I spent a lazy day today resting on my day off.


Man. Total remission is seeming more and more like a possibility. I think the potential will for relapse will always be there. Glitches every now and then. But frame of mind is everything. So that’s a win.

Other than that… drinking on Friday and then Saturday night. It did allow me to maintain the social presence I have. Seemed to see everyone and meet some new people in those two nights.

Onwards and upwards. Haven’t smoked tobacco in days. Never going back to that habit.

The simplest things can seem to be incredibly rewarding when you learn to appreciate things more deeply.

Talked to an old friend. She offered me a job if I want to move to Pennsylvania. So life options are opening back up.


Well, my wife has a job that she starts later today (Monday). That will be a big help. Hopefully that will accelerate our departure from this tyrant’s house. I can read and write, I have access to some of the best medicine in the world, I own more than a soccer ball and a pair of clothes, I have money (not much, but it’s still there), I am not in an area endemic to some whacky disease, and I am not subject to the rule of some of these whacked-out countries. It’s all about context.


What kind of job?

We all eat better than the kings of old. Har har har.

Uhh she’s a manager of a hotel restaurant place. Cook/serve/clean I don’t really know.

I should be moving from this strange terrorizing community at the end of September and hopefully ill find a bill paying job quickly.


Best of luck man!

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I have friends, I have a family that is trying to be supportive, I am getting a cheap apartment soon and I will get help with moving and cleaning. And I have a good team to help me with planning and applications and emotions and umm… stuff. Lots of things are going well! I’m hoping things will go so well that I won’t even need help with cleaning.

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Getting my drivers license and going back to school. I’m a good kind of nervous.


My paranoia seems to have greatly diminished. I no longer believe there’s a hidden camera in my TV for example.

Relationship with family members seems to have stabilised.

Who knows how long that will all last, but I’ll take it while I can.


My time during work had improved,I am really happy for that,just had to keep it going

not much just alot of dreams that the voices made me imagine to come true. such as losing weight getting a girlfriend regaining a normal state of mind etc. but the future will most likely not be anything like the dreams. also im moving with my parents to a new home where i will have a greater freedom and selfdependancy because i will get my own part of the house which is as big as an entire apartment.

I would like that my bicycle would not break, but again yesterday my bicycle broke down.

Still have a job I like…

Still get time to paly in the water…

over the weekend had some great thunder and lighting… and some good rain.

physically in good health.

Got into the classes I wanted.

I just stared at the TV and I DIDN’T have an LSD flashback. I was actually looking for the perfect thread to post this and I found it. There is no coincidences there is only God.

Contacted the social security national court and found out that they have finally assigned my case to a judge. They say I will have an answer in about three to four weeks. Hoping for a favorable decision.

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Good luck…

I guess at this point, I could say that I’m safely switching meds without getting any psychotic symptoms. My sleep has improved drastically and I’m no longer taking sleeping pills. That’s a huge plus.