So what did you make when you had the art therapy?

Curious what you made in the hospital in art therapy? If you had it. I made a piggy bank, painted a jewelry box I keep my special things in now like my weeing ring my finger is too fat for now, my college ring, and I painted a piece of wood painted flowers on it. I’m no artist but It did force me to focus at the time. Was just in my study waiting for my friend to call we are having tea and saw the wood painting I’m glad that was in 2002 as well. Well, have a good night, now I"m watching the STeelers.

I painted some stuff: a birdhouse and a wooden cat. I also made a bead bracelet.

Cut pictures out of magazines on paste them on bristol board.

I got yelled at by the director for not following directions. Something about how I had to paste cutouts on provided paper instead of into my notebook. What a lamer. I walked out.

I don’t remember. I remember I don’t like forced art therapy though. I had art therapy in a day program. We got some plain white ivory soap and cut small pictures out of magazines and affixed them to the front and back of the soap so it was like fancy soap you buy at high end stores.

I drew a tree and a field of daisies. I also made a collage.

I had the same type of craft as you and BakedBeans when I was in the hospital for a visit years ago. We were provided old magazines to cut out pictures to paste onto another piece of paper; afterwards, we were asked to explain why we made those choices.

I remember that I had cut out a photo of a mountain, and pasted a picture of a man hiking to the top of it. When asked to explain why, I said that it was me making the climb and that one day when I reached the top of the mountain, I would look back and understand the journey.


I made boxes - painted or stained. I did the magazine collage. I found a wood block that someone else had carved + made a print from it.

Mine had us draw emotions as we saw them. I just drew 6 squares of pac man and put the colors i thought would represent the emotions in the back ground.

i think we were to make cards for our friends and/or loved ones the first time round but i can’t be sure as its all a bit hard to remember, the last time i was there i tried modelling balloons and made a hat i think, we had other therapy like talking therapy where we were asked to name a swear word it was pretty ■■■■ but better than nothing when i was in hospital.

after that i did it myself (or tried anyway) i went to a community art class and drew some neat horses heads, i love horses but i wish i could draw more animals its just i haven’t really got the patience,

another group i went to was at a drop in centre and it was a writing group which i like as it was more about poetry, picking an article from the paper or magazine and writing what you think about it, it was random and fun.

I went to hospital six times so I did a lot of things, especially lots of bead necklaces and bracelets. I also made coasters, hanging decorations, fabric painted tray mats, drew a picture of a lighthouse, painted a plant pot, and various other things I forgot.

I made a face mask out of magazine pictures I cut out and noodles glued on a cutout posterboard mask.

I painted cute things for my imaginary daughter and wife I thought I had at the time…the director made me make one of the pieces I did again so she could have a copy.

Made two stress balls once. I killed them both after a week in hospital lol.

I like clay. I was able to make some clay figures. I made them all distorted and twisted and painted them bleeding… I broke them up a few years ago when I came across them again.

I can’t take tortured… twisted… bleeding… screaming stuff now.

That’s the opposite of where my head is these days. I don’t want to go back into that mindset.

Pain and torture isn’t my mantra anymore.

I walked out too. A woman in the group was to pass round paper to everyone, but she
left me out. I just couldn’t deal with this and i walked out…

Yea around here they no longer do art therapy.
How can the hospital explain that cutting pictures out of old magazines is worth thousands of dollars.?

i mostly have done watercolours. some other stuff, but i only liked doing watercolours.

I made a Mothers Day card.