So very very very slow

Currently trying to register archers for one competition, but can’t until I get a full list of names from those who have them. Trying to plan two more archery competitions but waiting on others, yet again.

Neurotypicals. So slooooooow…


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Cancelled due to lack of interest has been around for awhile. Which is why you put a cut off date on signing up.

Got lots of kids who want to attend. They signed up with another person who would like me to register them on his behalf. Would certainly be glad to if he’d send me the frakkin’ list!


Yes, it’s such a life and death situation… As they say…Patience is a virtue.

It’s a popular event and all of the good shooting times are filling up. The sooner you register, the better times you can book. We should have done this last week. Got the names and we’re good to go finally.