So today I bought a book and already read 19%

This book is amazing. Teaches me a lot. I was reading 15 % when I bought and 4% in evening. This book i will finish…

Then I work on my gaming skills.

Then I read other books…

The list of books I will read.

1.peak by Anders Ericsson
2. A book of five rings.
3. Sun tzu - art of war
4. Napoleon hill- think and grow rich


I use kindle app and google books for books but I stopped reading books since my diagnosis.
Cognitive symptoms, can’t focus anymore.
Don’t have motivation either.

I still play video games and watch Netflix and Family Guy.

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Lol, 19% is a pretty specific figure. How did you reach that number?


You can always divide the number of pages you have read by the number of pages in the book. That’s how is do it.


Uh, I think that is not the way to figure out percentages. But it works great if you are dividing a cake.

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Jassy’s formula works. I do it all the time when I’m reading books. :slight_smile:


I guess I should stick to figuring out how long it’s going to take me to vacuum a classroom with thirty people inside if 3/4 of the people inside hate my guts.


Awww. I didn’t mean to insult ya, bud.

I meant my reply to be friendly.

My apologies.

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Yeah, I could tell. My answer was my idea of a joke that came out of thin air.


Oh I thought that Napoleon Bonaparte wrote the book bc I think he died in exile in Africa

I got your joke!!! 151515

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