So tired of medication


So tired of life and medication,when will I grow up??


I’m with you, the same regimine every day, some days it works, some days it doesn’t…it gets annoying. When will they discover a super pill that will cure everything?


I’ve been taking it for 34 years. You might have to too.


I am not tired of taking medicine, but tired of the side effects. I feel like no strength to fight against them any more.


Tired of both, my expectations are delusional though.


trying my best yet never got rewarded,never for a mentally ill


I am in a low mood myself today, so I don’t have possitive comments to offer this time, dude. Take care.


Internal moral victories count


Its hard...Im sorry.
Hope you can pamper yourself OO


Hey Mob–you can always reward yourself!


And some cheap external things sometimes…


Wouldn’t that be a dream. I want a pill that makes me funny, smart, social and sexy.


I’m also tired of taking meds. Have done it since 2010. Did not have any meds at all but Levaxin before that. It’s for Hashimoto’s. Hypothyroidism.


At least I’m not on as many meds anymore. I used to have about 10 pills/day or something. I’m down on half now.