So tired i did very hard workout

i am tired very much


make sure you stretch real good afterward

otherwise lactic acid builds up

but you are inspiring to me, way to go!

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i did it at 9.00 in the morning… was raining thunderstorm

you be crazy! ha!

by the way, I don’t listen to all those people who tell me

to stretch BEFORE a workout, it gets my muscles tired

never had an injury yet.

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i did it with personal trainer in gym… vorious exercises alot of for abs

is it a guy or a girl?

yeah, the core is so important

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a girl 151515151

very nice

after awhile it’s addicting

you almost have to have it

a good addiction though

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yeah i am personal trainer addict :smiley:

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Dynamic stretching is best pre workout after a warmup. I’m on the bench right now. My coping skills revolved around exercise :cold_sweat:.

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