So this med reduction is tolerable where other ones weren’t

Because I am doing it slowly - not cold turkey


That is great jimbob…

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Reducing medication is seems to always be a painful process,

I’m happy to hear this one is going well!

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be careful Jim, i am the same, idk how to describe reducing meds, i am thinking about stopping mine and i have been praying for a miracle and i just hope to hell i can cope,

i took my med today and i felt ok before it and then i took it and my head was a bit messed up so idk if the med is actually helping me anymore, i know what to do though if i need it i will definitely take it.

i haven’t told my docs bc i don’t think they will support me, so if i need help i phone the samaritan or breathing space or talk to my friends.

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Breathing space is really good. I hope everything works out for you. Remember as well you can always phone nhs 24. J

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the number for nhs 24 is 111 now i think

I sometimes skip a dose or two of my med’s on the weekend. I’ve learned how to recognize the danger signals when I might be getting in trouble.