So there they were

in the dark… Not together physically but connected: the web had done a lot to unite people. It didn’t pay off in the sense of coordination or progress, but in keeping people company it did alright.

Apocalypse was a debatable term. The world had not ended after all. There were a few sentiments mucking about. The radiation and lack of resources wasn’t enough to terminate them. They would survive. To what end? They didn’t know. It was the tic of life though, it kept them carrying on.

It was dark for the most part: the sky scorched by nuclear war and subsequent volcanic activity. The generation prior had stories of blue skies, but at best they wouldn’t be known for generations many more.

The clawed and cambered about in the muck of it. The darkness. Water was tough to find, but everything seemed moist.

These people. The children of apocalypse. We’re the last wriggling muscle of life left in the known universe.

The grandiose project of earth a failure. To think they could have been gods, shepards to the universe.

Perhaps there end was right though. They couldn’t even shepard themselves.

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very profound.
take care :alien:

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The undying few. The would forever be many. That was the nature of things. Pain and it subsequens will be forever undying.

So it goes:

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