So the new guy I am talking to wants to cook dinner for me and a movie at his place

It is our third date and I am not the kind of girl to jump into bed so should I go? I don’t know what he might expect. It seems maybe a bit soon.

If you don’t want to go to bed with him don’t go to bed with him.


This is something that is only your decision to make. Some girls feel comfortable sleeping with others on the first date, other girls wait for months. Both are perfectly okay to do. Do ONLY what you feel comfortable with. Either way, the choice is yours and you are allowed to change your mind.


He will probably make his move. be ready…if you don’t want to sleep with him just say it up front that you don’t feel intimate yet.

I think you can tell him beforehand you’re not ready for sex. Then if you trust that he understands and won’t make a move, it’s ok to go.

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