So the GP has perscribed me the worst Antibiotic Ever

Can cause worsening psychosis, suicidal thoughts and reacts with my meds…

I only have to take it for a week, but I think I’m going to talk to the pharmacist tomorrow :wink:

I was on an antibiotic for a month and it was horrendous. You should be ok for a week.

Don’t use it! Ask for something else! I used Ciprofloxacin (which has the same problem) for only a week and it made me psychotic (I didn’t need an antipsychotic before that time) and when I was treated for psychosis Cipro interfered with my meds majorly. I have never been the same after and I have a major phobia of meds ever since.

■■■■ that’s the one I’ve been prescribed. :frowning:

I went to the pharmacy in town, which is a 20 min fast walk and made the pharmacist look at the book. He said something that it effects the levels of my AP (Olanzapine/ZYPREXA) in the blood and that I need to talk to my GP about adjusting my AP levels possibly.

Anyway I have to call my GP surgery tomorrow, as it’s not quite urgent enough for the out of hours DR’s at the hospital or A&E…

I guess all I can say is watch this space… … …

I had a medicos emergency when my antibiotic made my respiridone levels skyrocket.

Good that you are careful with this med! I don’t know if you need this specific med? Maybe you can ask for another antibiotic, not a fluoroquinolone (which is the type Ciprofloxacin belongs to)? Fluoroquinolones are different from other antibiotics and according to many not fit for treating minor infections etc, because they can do so much damage. Psychosis and skyrocketing of AP levels are just two of them. I don’t want to scare you, most people are fine when they take them, but some aren’t and I guess it’s better to be on the safe side with this.

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I’m now on something different, which might effect my hearing, but doesn’t interact with my olanzapine.


Is it gentamicin - that stuff can effect hearing like you say. But that is on the rarer side.

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Yup, lucky guess?

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I had studied a little medicine at one point.