So thankful I'm not ill any more

I was so terrified while I was sick…some here have stopped their antipsychotic meds…so worried for them…they could lose everything…

me I am grateful for my meds and I will always take them but then again I am lucky…I don’t have voices and I stay on one med all the time…


Yeah, I’m on 3 APs. Very low energy.

Congratulations for your recovery.


There are studies showing that quite a few of those who recover end up not needing meds. It’s risky but it can be worth the risk.


So does that mean you’re able to work now that you’ve recovered?

no, I am not recovered, just high functioning…I could paint for a living I think but I would have to get connected with the galleries…too much stress to think up new paintings…I am just going to stick to leather craft from now on. I can’t read books and I can’t focus or sit still to work in real life. I am disabled. @Zannah

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I understand. I’m not able to work either.

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I’ve stopped stressing about the periods where I don’t get images. That’s okay. Sometimes you’re vibin’ and sometimes you aren’t. Just roll with it when the inspiration is there.

Sometimes I see something I’d like to turn into art later. The notes utility on my phone helps here.

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well we’ll see…right now I am burnt out because I go go go when I have canvas and paint without stopping…

I’m glad you’re feeling better jukebox.
Leather craft, sounds cool.

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That’s awesome.

I’m in the same boat. I don’t have any psychotic symptoms anymore. Only on 1 med, low dose, no side effects.

I am experiencing wicked brutal insomnia but I am on 1.5mg of clonazepam for that, it’s solved that problem 90%.

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