So tempted to use drugs again

I blocked and deleted my contacts associated with drugs because I want to be sober. I did not want to be tempted to use. Today I logged on to an old reddit account and had a message from one of those contacts asking what happened to me and if I was okay. It was from awhile ago but I responded and told him I was fine blah blah blah. Now he’s offering me drugs and I want to use so badly. I don’t know what to do he even sent his number again and I added the contact and unblocked him. I even typed out a text to him earlier but deleted before I sent it. I have been feeling down lately and I know this is an easy way out of that. I just want to be happy

Hang around people and eat a balanced diet, that should work better than drugs.

There was a “Rat Park” addiction study conducted a few decades ago on rats in two types of living conditions, one was cramped and isolated and unstimulating, the second was open and social, with all kinds of fun amenities. Both had open access to regular water and opiate drugged water. The rats in the cramped living environment tended to choose opiate drugged water and the ones in the open, social environment tended to choose the undrugged water.

This suggests that drug addiction is a problem of isolation, and that the solution is going out more.

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I have been clean for about 8 years now, and it would have been much more than that if it wasn’t for a situation as you describe.

If you’re clean, and have been for sometime, I wouldn’t let these people drag you back down.

Last time I did cocaine I ended up with a lot of credit card debt, and this ‘friend’ was no where to be seen after it.

Trust me, you cannot trust these people who are users in every way.


I think your right if I go out more I won’t want drugs as bad but oh that opiate water does sound good hahah just kidding

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Ah coke I can’t do that stuff I’ll get so paranoid. I was more into opiates and benzos but mostly opiates. I actually think the opiates helped me be more reality based less delusions etc but it’s not sustainable.

If you do drugs with this person, it could be the trigger to start doing them regularly.

Was your life really that great when you were doing drugs before? Did drugs solve your problems? I doubt it. Perhaps they made things worse.


I don’t do drugs with this guy he just sells to me. A lot of the time I just like to use alone. Opiates did make me feel better temporarily. It made me feel more “normal” kinda like AP’s but I was also high. It’s not a good idea though. I am just venting.

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Drugs won’t make you happy. At best, they mask the pain for a few hours, but the problem causing it will still be there when the drugs leave your system.
Stay strong

You’ll be happy for a few hours if you do drugs, then you will be in utter misery. Don’t indulge in euphoric recall. Focus on the times when your drug use caused you to feel horrible. Think of the humiliations you received because of drugs. Think how much better your life will be if you don’t do them. Look at the money you waste doing drugs. Look at the chances of incarceration you would be taking. If you continue to do drugs your life will only get worse. You’re doing the right thing by getting on this site. Check out the crisis lines if you need closer support. We’re pulling for you.

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