So, so, jealous

How do I stop myself from being jealous? I’ve noticed that I’ve gone back to thinking that he’s going to cheat on me or that he’s cheating on me. If you’ve ever read the stories on here by boyfriends or girlfriends of szs who are smoking pot that’s about how I feel (no pot involved though).

I feel like he’s cheating on me, like he’d distant from me, and like I want to be away from him. At the same time I’m jealous of his friend R on the computer that he plays video games with. He talks to R more than he talks to me by far!

I’m so mad at him and I don’t know why. I want him to love on me and cuddle me but I want him to leave me alone and not touch me.

I’m going in for therapy Thursday but does anyone have any ideas why I might be feeling like this? What can I do?

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Perhaps you should work on raising your self-esteem? A healthy attitude to have is that he’s a lucky guy to be with you, otherwise it’s his loss.


You have got to be kidding!?

about what?


sexy lingerie to help ease off jealousy?

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she says she’s jealous yet doesn’t want him to touch her. it just might be insecurity. i think if she feels sexy and attracts his attention, that might change. :lipstick:

Yeah could be (15 char.)

Could be. I do have some self esteem issues.

I like the way you think though @waterway

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Have you considered playing video games with him and his friend “R”? It could be an activity that brings you closer together to him!

I’m so bad at video games I’ve been mistaken for an NPC on Fat Princess. (It isn’t a hard game but there aren’t a lot of people on it so there are a lot of NPCs).

You’ll only get good with practice! And being good wouldn’t be the point, spending time and bonding with him would be the point.

Have you considered other hobbies that you can do with your bf to bring you closer to him?

Yeah but that’s the main one. We don’t talk much about our day because neither of us have a job or anything to talk about.