So raw foods experiment did not turn out so well

Still trying to find something sustainable to lose weight on Risperidone, have been eating mostly fresh fruits and nuts, for the fiber, lack of fat and “cleaning out” effect.

While I’m sure my body has appreciated the nutrition, my digestive system is very unhappy. Instead of “cleaning out” I am really backed up, crampy and bloated. It’s like my body doesn’t know what to do with these foods.

I think for my next experiment I’m going to try protein shakes that are fortified with vitamins and minerals. That way I can try calorie counting like @everhopeful has suggested but still be getting nutrition, and hopefully not so BLOATED omg.

I’m having the same issue with my diet, I can’t poop. Only after soup days (Sorry folks, tmi, but everyone poops… well not me apparently)

My wife and daughter are losing a lot of weight on the Fast Metabolism Diet. I’m not and it has messed with my digestion something fierce. Pooping isn’t a problem. Frequency and unpredictability of the act is. Seeing the doctor next week about trying the Total Protein Diet. It is managed by two local pharmacists and a lot of people have had success with it locally.

It’s basically my diet from what I’m reading. Except the coffee and the no fat milk.

thats so weird. Ever since I became vegetarian, I have had the opposite problem.

You can only eat certain things on certain days. That means that fruit you didn’t finish eating on Tuesday goes bad by Friday because Wed/Thurs are veg/protein only days. You wind up tossing $20 worth of fruit. Had an argument with Mrs. Pixel over that last week because she wants me following the diet to the letter and I’ll be damned if we’re wasting perfectly good food. Even if we were rich enough to waste like that, it’s still wrong to do so.

I’m on a one piece of fruit a day (apple or pear or kiwi, the rest is too sweet)

I’m calorie counting and have lost a lot of weight. I’m now down to 2200 calories a day in order to continue losing weight. I weighed myself this morning and had lost weight again.

I’ve been doing this since last September. I started off with 2500 calories/day.

I’m seeing a dietician though. She helped a lot. Calorie counting is the only way to lose weight really. But it took me several tries to get it right.

How do you know the amount of calories your food has?

Best fitness and food tracker, EVER.

I have had success there previously, but am nervous about posting photos publicly. Anyone who wants to see them can PM me and I will share privately.

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I count calories too, religously. Myfitnesspal has helped me lose 27 lbs since last September. It really makes you consider portion sizes. I try to cook all my dinners from scratch too from real foods, not prepackaged stuff. I also got a fitbit so i’m conscious of the days when I don’t move enough. They say to walk 10000 steps a day, but I usually walk less than 5000 unless I go for a walk with my moms dog. This avolition has its grips on me and I can’t find the willpower to exercise.

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Several ways:

Amount of calories per 100g:

  1. A calorie counting app on my phone
  2. It’s written on the box
  3. Google

Then I weigh everything with a kitchen scales.

So even for coffee, I put the mug on the kitchen scales and weigh the amount of milk I put into it.

Kitchen scales is essential.

I started off doing what @turnip is doing though. Just e.g. buying microwave meals etc with the calories for the meal on the box.

I get that, but I cook a lot from scratch, all it’s left is for me to hunt and fish, I don’t eat microwaved food. So it’s not on the box, I did some chicken strogonoff for lunch, without the rice, with mushrooms. How do I know how many grams without a kitchen scale (I don’t have one)

I measure everything too. Now I can eyeball the ounces, cups, and grams i’m eating. When I’m not sure I pull out the scale.

I basically eat a good amount of carbs - I just watch my calorie intake and I make sure that I am walking everyday for at least 30 minutes.

Be careful eating too many fruits, lots of sugar.

Carbs! Eeeeeekk… no I eat a few.

You have to buy a kitchen scales to calorie count in my humble opinion. They’re really cheap.

It’s a pain to get started, but then as you build up a little list of the ingredients you use and their calories per 100g, it becomes really easy. Well, with a calorie counting app anyway. You could still do it with pen and paper, but it’s more difficult.

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Alright I’ll get one.

the month is almost finished and I only lost 3kg, 8 more to go.


I wouldn’t say ‘only’, 3kg per month is good. I hope to lose 2kg a month from here on out. The thing is to not put it back on again. And for that you have to calorie count to some degree.

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I getcha. I will once this diet is over. I was thinking about prolonging it, but maybe that’s not the answer.

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