So presently surprised with my ability to fit in my summer clothes

I was really worried my summer clothes wouldn’t fit. I haven’t touched them for 9 months.

But I fit fine. If anything they are a bit big on me. I am too afraid of stepping on a set scales so I go by how my clothes fit.

Have been trying to limit my calories this last month. Long way to go but it’s marathon and not a sprint


Thats awesome. I hope to fit back into some of my old clothes from a few years back when i was skinny. Im losing weight. Jogging and eating lots of veggies with less junk and no adding sugar to anything.
Wish you all the best with your fitness journey!

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All the best to you too man!

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Howww nice ! I gained wait I think. A little sad about it but your post give me hope. I would be nice to fit them by August. Now is June

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Thanks for the good wishes @Supercoolgirl !! Wishing you all the best in your endeavours