So post holidays have cut refined sugars out of my diet

I honestly think all the sugar at Xmas exacerbates my anxiety.

I am a hefty guy but these last 5 years haven’t eaten refined sugar much at all. Always whole meal bread and pasta. Not sugar in tea or coffee. No real candy to speak of either.

But this Xmas I indulged my sweet tooth. Man my constitution wasn’t prepared for it. That shiz is psychotropic. Had the most intense visuals I have had in decades / I was very sleep deprived though

After cutting out the sugar these last three days I feel I am moving in the right direction

Anyone else indulge in foods that they normally would this last holiday season


I ate a few bites of steak and immediately was sick for 2 days. So much regret.


Yeah you have the lone star blues right?

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Yeah I sure do. I am lucky I didnct need my Epi pen. It was a very careless decision for me. I haven’t had meat in nearly 7 years.

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Its been months that I replaced my biggest sugar consumption with 0 calories sweetener Splenda. I use in my tea and Nescafe, used to put a lot of sugar, 1.5 big tablespoon of sugar! Now I use 5-6 Splenda 1g packets.

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Does it happen with poultry too?

You ever had stevia. I like it but it’s taste is really hard to describe

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It isn’t supposed to, but I didn’t know why meat made me sick for a few years after I stopped eating it. At this point, poultry just makes me sick because I’m not used to digesting it anymore.

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I ate so much junk these past few weeks I am surprised that I am not more unwell.

Perhaps that is why I am getting a tickly throat … I think I might have caught covid from a family member.

Too much sugar depresses the immune system.

So I am more susceptible to catching it right now.

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Personally I don’t like the taste of stevia, they use it in whey protein powders. I find that Splenda tastes closest to sugar.

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For sure ninj. The body gets used to what it gets regularly.

Maybe your body is kinda influencing the items in your diet. You know like how pregnant folk can get cravings for specific foods that contains chemicals the baby needs to grow.

I know if I eat junk for more than a couple of weeks I crave salads and fruit lol

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Is it psychological? That’s what they said in my psychology classes but idk I always vomit since I was young when I eat garlic or onions. Maybe some people have genetics that make them not tolerate some food.

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Yeah. I was anemic because of my period, so I craved red meat. It happens a lot and I usually don’t give in, and just stick with spinach to get more iron.

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Sugar might cause migraines.

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I’ve been on a diet since May. During that time I didn’t have sweets. But on Christmas Day I let myself have a Symphony bar (chocolate). It was so yummy! But I’m back to eating healthy now. I need more veggies in my diet. I have some regularly but need to increase them.

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