So Now You Get Suspended For Telling the Truth?

How is castigating/ suspending a member of this forum for being honest and truthful…supportive??

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It wasn’t a helpful comment.

Not all “these people” do drugs.

All this talk from some people about unity and love and yet when someone says something they don’t like they separate them and push them away.

I hear things I don’t like a lot. Doesn’t benefit me to believe only good things exist in life.

It’s like when I post statistics about single mothers and other things about orphans/etc everyone seems to want to deny the facts.

It’s not as if I’m saying things are ‘hopeless’ sometimes as it is that it takes a bit more than smiling at things like a blinded idiot to truly ‘support’ someone.

Definitely do not like ‘sulky’ there there remarks. Burns me up inside.

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Marginalized groups of people do more drugs than non-marginalized groups of people.

This isn’t rocket science here, folks.

If it was worded that way, I wouldn’t call it offensive. Marginalized people could include those in poverty. Suggesting we (Hispanic and black people) all do drugs was disrespectful plain and simple. Granted I wouldn’t have suspended her for that. It was just a poor choice of words.

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All this talk from some people about unity and love and yet when someone says something they don’t like they separate them and push them away.

Beautifully written and well said!


Ah well nobody is perfect.

How can you express unity and love on a forum? Isn’t it too impersonal for that?

Good to be civil and supportive. I saw that comment. It’s not good to generalize and truth is a fluid concept. It changes from person to person.

No offence but blanket statements aren’t good for the community on any level. It really is racist to say that some population is this or that. Yes. Marginalized people do suffer from high rates of drugs etc but it’s not all. Just because your ethnic doesn’t make you a drug addict. Saying so just reinforces negative stereotypes and it’s not good for the community.

I like Daze. I don’t mind her pushing the boundaries as it makes the place interesting. I don’t have a problem with the punishment but moderators are just people like you and me. We all have an agenda and we all react to things differently.


I agree with what you said. I don’t think she meant to be racist but it was. “All these people” includes me as well as many others I know. Not everyone is on drugs. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say she probably meant “all these people who are misdiagnosed”. Anyway, I wasn’t terribly offended. Daze isn’t a bad person, she just made a poor remark. I almost find it a little funny… “Not to sound prejudice but…” lol.


I’m Latina (Jewish, Mexican) and it did include me as in “all these people” but then again, no one’s perfect. Neither me nor anyone in my family do drugs. I didn’t flag her btw. Hope Daze will be ok.

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I’m hispanic and personally I don’t find it offensive, but does that count?

I’ve never done drugs but I also don’t see the issue with people that do.

Why? Because I know that most of people ‘using drugs’ are suffering.

Personally, I’ve always wanted to do them myself. No reason to have a sanctimonious attitude about it.

After all, our brains are wired for ‘pleasure’ and all that people do in life is aimed to attain it more than displeasure.

So what’s it to me?

Not saying I never get frustrated with people in the family that do them when they have responsibilities. But I also know it isn’t productive or helpful to judge them or waste energy getting angry about it.

These issues are so hard for me to touch because people in general think too ‘black and white’ so everything I say can get lumped into ‘this or that’ categories.

[looks down and thinks]

Feels like a waste of energy…

Edit: I’ve done ‘some drugs’, I mean, but am not an ‘addict’.

It didn’t offend me, but I am white.

I was just watching this. It might be offensive to some, sorry if it is. It’s a comedy sketch. Anyway, Daze is okay with me for what it’s worth. She’s an interesting addition to the forum, not afraid to state her mind.

This thread may be locked soon. I think Moonbeam asked us not to make posts about suspended members.

Tho it was bordering on offensive - i dont think daze honestly thought it was. I do daft crap like that all the time - putting my foot in my mouth. I just took it as part of her personality…


Can’t say boo to a ghost

It was a blanket racist statement. Daze probably didn’t mean it to come out like that though. It was offensive, hope she is doing ok.