So Now I'm Accused of Not Being Sick?


I had someone on this site say I’m a tourist etc

Just try ignore it perhaps.


When I first came on this forum, I was told that I must not have sz, and then basically “jumped” by a few members at that time. It was really hurtful because my journey has been a long and painful one. To finally find a place where people were talking about things I had experienced and could relate to was amazing/validating/comforting, and then to be attacked by some of those people was confusing and hurtful.
But I stayed because the truth is this is the only place I have where I can relate to feelings and experiences of other people, and vice versa. It’s not perfect, people aren’t perfect, but it’s been therapeutic for me. In any group you have good and bad, relatable and not.


Don’t worry about it…


There have been several times when I tried to convince everybody I wasn’t sick when I was fighting a commitment in court. A sure way to get them to say you’re sick is to claim you’re not sick. That is part of the mentality of a beauracracy. I wouldn’t worry about it. You’re always welcome here.


No, youre definitely sick, what a weird thing to tell someone "i don’t think you are sick, what are their serious ilnesses, narcissism?


To me it sounds like the other guy is delusional, you might want to have him checked for sz. or maybe its a relative? first degree relatives have a 10% chance of sz


I just got turned on, dude. :slight_smile:

great going! i had this really nice image of hamsters being a symbol of cuteness and comfort. now it has been defiled. :cry:

luckily, sheeps are still good in my mind. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I was watching the thread were the poster implied that. Don’t get their point in the slightest. Try not to let it get to you.


Lots of the churchies will try to do this…Will also notice these talking nuts to strangers like calling someone a ‘thief’, apparently for being on disability $$$ after mental care.


I get that a lot, it’s called imposter syndrome. :spy:


Are you serious?


my voices often accuse me of not being sick…

i tell them its an absolutely absurd assumption to make that a child would purposefully go throu traumatic situations and genetic distortions/mutations just to act ‘crazy’ later on in life for some unseen and unverified reason as the start of this sentence states…

not to mention zero proof of voices being real’ people

zero proof of deranged mutant looking creatures of gigantistic proportions compared to creatures of the same type all else can see are props in some kind of elaborate setup…

any way - going far tooo into my delusional states if paranoid hallucinations now…

yeah I ‘personally’ think anyone that doesnt recognise ‘mental illness’ as fact is in major denial of the massive absurdity required to pull off this ‘■■■■’ for some motivated reason instead of it being just what it is —— brain disorders and possibly auto immune diseases etc…