So Now I'm Accused of Not Being Sick?


So I made a stupid decision and took an extra pill that I shouldn’t have, and now I’m being accused of not having an illness. In fact it was said “some of us have serious illnesses” as though I don’t have anything wrong with me. So disgusting!


What? Who said that?


Doesn’t matter. It just really hurt me because this is supposed to be the one place I can be with people who are like me, and now it’s like someone’s asking for my membership card. I may be high functioning most of the time but it doesn’t mean I’m not sick.


I don’t think anyone said anything intentionally to hurt you


It’s possible I guess. Maybe I’m just being paranoid? Thinking she wants to run me out of here…


you’re no longer sick? that’s jolly good, mate! :smiley:


It’s all in your head right? All between the ears.


I’ll settle this! I’m a doctor! here’s your medical declaration, @Sooner88 ! show this to people who don’t believe you are sick:


I have been accused of not really being sick, too. It happens sometimes. Some folks think they have a right to ask for proof of illness and it’s stupid.


Dr Phil is a dumbass lol


I’m such a nice person. Cats are nice. I always wanted a cat.


Just act like a cat and people will be nice to you again. Beg for saucers of milk and groom your ears.


I was told I didn’t need to be in the waiting room for the psychiatric ward because I wasn’t sick or dangerous enough and no one thought about helping me get into a crisis clinic.


That sucks that this has happened to you @Sooner88. Try not to think too much on it though because it’s very apparent you’re genuine.

I really hope this month moves swiftly for you so you can get in to see your doctor.


“Tell me why I should care! My royal butt must conserve caring energy!”


I was told…my mother was a hamster And my father smelled of elder berries…


Did you know that was actually a really sophisticated joke? Hamsters are very prolific, and mate constantly. And in the Middle Ages, wine was commonly made from elderberries. He was calling his mother a whore and his father a drunk.


Hmm I only got half of the joke…I know to smell of berries means he was a drunk…but I just thought hamster was a funny thing to call someone…


It may be the most widely misunderstood joke of its time.


Good info…and good catch on the reference…