So now I creep my mom out

Ever since I told my mom that my “voices” told me to kill her, she’s been tripping pretty hard and being a tad bit annoying. When we go to my doctor or gov. appointments for ssi or ssdi she say the the people “since he said something about killing me we need to handle this now” or something similar. She bring it up whenever we get to talking about the illness, brings it up to other people, and makes jokes about me being Sz when I do something slow.

So am I just being to sensitive?
Has anyone else been told to kill a family member or friend and told them about it?
How’d that go for you?

sure. my friend i told didnt care or seemed to at least and some family dont seem to have much to do with me much these days

Hey, it does happen. Stories in the news -

my mother who is evil hid all the knives in the house she got so scared, i think your mum is acting normally considering what you told her.
just reassure her as much as possible that though you get told stuff, you won’t ever act on it, that is what she wants to hear.
i got told to kill people all the time, i never did it because i control my actions, as sz we hear lots of things, but ultimatly we are in charge of our selves.
your mum wants to hear that you control your mind and your body and that you know right from wrong
but you also appreciate her courage to listen to you.
take care


Thanks a lot sith, excellent response!

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Can you blame her for her reactions? If my sister or my mom told me they were thinking about killing me I would be pretty freaked out. I wouldn’t know how I would react. I find that women don’t always understand men. Much as they like to think they do. And hey, I think most women are OK. My mom and two sisters are cool, and some women at work. My dad told me that a lot of guys are jerks. Let me clarify. Lots of guys ACT like jerks. But that women are cooler then men. Judge for yourself. But when it comes to schizophrenia, women don’t always realize they are pushing buttons.


OK. Of course men are causing trouble as much or more to than women. It’s not just women. There’s can be nice women and there can be nice guys. In fact I often run into a nice couple in my building. The women is a little hard, but we exchange hellos.The guy is not as hard as her, but I am a LITTLE wary of him. But he is always friendly.

I don’t blame her at all, it is annoying, but I try to be understanding.

Yeah, we have to hold up our end of the bargain.

At my worst, Yes, I have shouted this at my family. I did scare some of them, some of my family really did freak out on me and made sure we were never alone together in a room.

But the best reassurance I could give my family was quit drugs, quit drinking, take my meds, go to therapy and try and control myself. The more stable my family saw me, the less freaked out they were.

This is just MY situation… not for everyone… but when I was very ill and at home and out of control and throwing furniture and punching holes in the walls and hitting myself in the head, and shouting out what the voices told me to do… of course my family was scared as hell. I’d be scared of me too.

When I’m on my meds, calm, stable, in a family therapy session, sitting still and telling the therapist “This is what my voices have been saying and trying to tell me to do… but of course, I’m not listening to them, in fact, I’m trying to ignore them…” Then the therapist says… “this is not unusual, there are ways to cope…”
Then my family didn’t get freaked out at all.
If that makes any sense.

I creep them out although i’ve never been told to kill anyone.

Only myself i’ve been told to kill.

They just told me one night that that is what they want from me.

Also women are much smaller than men. My karate teacher told me that if they get threatening hit them first because if they land one of me, it’s over.