So... nothing weird happened today!

I got my blood tests done, went into town, got a coffee and sandwich, bought a birthday card, got my meds from the pharmacy.

And… absolutely nothing weird happened. Either internally or externally.

I do really like the girl at the card shop. I’ve seen her before. But she has what looks like an engagement ring on her finger lol! Ah well… pity, otherwise I’m sure she’d love to go out with a schizophrenic :smile:


hah… good to here you had a solid day!


Good day than! I used to wear a ring so people woundn’t hit on me, maybe that’s the case? :slight_smile:

Hadn’t thought of that! Hey! That’s cheating!

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I can handle weirdness, it’s bizzareness that gets me every time.

hey ever u may find super girl of ur dreams in near future…
i hope so…