So my wife is actually really mad at me right now

She overheard me on the phone with the denturist asking how much it would cost to get a second set of false teeth with integrated vampire fangs? I mean, look, if I’m going to wear falsies, why the hell shouldn’t I have some fun with it? And it’s not like I’m not also getting a “formal” pair. Mrs. Squirrel is pissed over the entire issue.




That sounds awesome! :vampire: I would definitely do that. But my husband knows I’m a little weird so he wouldn’t fight me on it. Hope you get your fangs. :+1:

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I don’t blame her to be honest.
I’ve grown a little conservative in my older years.

So has she. I may have get a facial tat instead, I’m sure that will appease her.



My gran was the same with me when i put down Master of the Universe on my Driving Licence form, it was just a bit of fun but i took her word and corrected, no way i would argue with my gran haha

That’s hilarious and I hope you get your fangs. Why shouldn’t you?! Non-conformity is not an illness, it’s an expression of your uniqueness. The rules are too strict if you can’t even have something that simple that would make you happy.

Haha…You are a funny fellow @velociraptor. Love your work. :slight_smile:

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I’m looking for a “formal” set of false teeth and also my “daily drivers” (fangs). Just imagine being able to smile at Jehovah’s Witnesses with them first thing on a Saturday morning after they’ve rung your doorbell and disturbed your morning tea.



Why stop at vampire fangs. Go full on walrus. You can be my Mr. Tusk.



Our old Meadowlark PC Repair business cards had both our names on them. I was down as Uber Nerd and she was listed as Nerd Herder. She liked that.

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I say get a pair of regulars, a pair of modern fangs, and a pair of total badass werewolf teeth where every tooth is sharp!


Oof. These things are not inexpensive, I’m pushing it to get the second pair.

Oh, and she’s still really mad at me over this. Either this is that bad or I’ve done something else she’s mad about it and she’s hitched it to this. Means I have to figure that other thing out, which will suck.


Oh, got ya!

I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be humorous about your marital problems.

I hope you two are able to smooth things out asap.


Hahaha oh wow. I think you should be allowed to have a bit of fun when you’re older. Unless it was like really expensive than I’d probably frown on my boyfriend doing something like that if we were married. I’d be like get some dollar store fangs like the rest of us! Lol.

They are, but our dual benefits will cover all but $150 of them.

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It would go great with a cape

“No capes!” ~ Edna Mode

Or apparently a very fluffy tail. :smile:

I get upset when my husband buys something frivolous for himself. We don’t have a lot of money and to buy something that’s just for yourself and not the both of you maybe bothers her? But, I have to remind myself that he works hard and deserves a splurge here and there to reward himself. I’m sure you do too, @velociraptor.

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