So my mothers friend introduced me to

This guy I talked to him on the phone!!! Yay me. It takes a lot for me to actually do that.


Yippee! He might be interesting. If not say I have schizophrenia and he’ll leave ya alone.


Wow! Hopefully it’ll turn out to be something good!

well I’m happy for you…usually people introducing people is the best.

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That is exciting! What is he like?

It’s a start. I met a fine 50 year old women today. She seemed nice I guess.


How did it go? Second phone call?

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He will call again possibly meet next time :smile: but he seemed really nice. I even saw his pics.

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Good for you @Ish hope everything works out well for you

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This sounds promising! You go ish!

Good for you @Ish - Best of luck with everything