So my medi-cal is taking a while to transfer

So it is in limbo!
Meaning they can not serve me just yet…
But when I saw a neurologist in January because I was worried about my movement disorders
They told me I had high stress
So they prescribed me


I had to pay out of pocket for both cases
To see the neurologist and to get my medication
It was about 100$ for neurologist and 150 for the medication…
I took one small pill and I feel 100x better already…
It’s really good for my ocd mood behaviorals anxiety
And depression I heard…
So far it’s working wonders
I wonder if this medication would have less side effects than an AP…
Anyways anybody taking this stuff

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It might take a month for them to get my medi cal fully transferred here

■■■■, I applied for food stamps in this state.

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