So my hair is finally as long as to my tailbone

This is a sign of recovery. Seeing as how in 2000 I chopped it all off and mailed it to my psychiatrist and seeing how after it grew back they had to practically shave my head in 2002 for not untanglable knots, I am accomplished and yes I brush it every day and my teeth twice a day and even floss. Some time I’ll donate it to locks of love but not right now. desimb


Congratulations on your achievement. I guess you have to brush it every day if it’s that long. I only brush my teeth once a day–at night, and I almost never floss. So you are doing very well.

beautiful not many people have hair that length.

carolineC i want to brush my teeth and wash my hair once and for it to be over with LOL

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@dandydinmot wouldn’t that be nice.

that sounds awesome. I find girls with very long or very short hair attractive because it’s different than the norm.

congrats… mine just reached the top of my butt… never had it this long before…

if i weighed less it probably would be at my tailbone…i am so heavy…

i have a hard time keeping up with my teeth… better time with my hair…

hugs to all